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Fashion with a purpose


@monicaconverse #monicaconversevintage featured in  COOL UK MAGAZINE July 2017 Issue

@monicaconverse #monicaconversevintage featured in COOL UK MAGAZINE July 2017 Issue


A resource for getting dressed wihtout harming the planet. 

A voice for fashion advocating for putting the seriousness and thought back into dressing & celebrating our bodies.

Asking questions & advocating for smarter comsumption of clothing & goods.

Offering second hand goodies from charity shops around the globe, and sourced with love.

A passion project for good. 


Climate Change

Fashion is polluting our world, and is a source of strain on our planet. From water & chemical use to mileage spent to bring foreign made clothing to consumers, it's time to think more about our purchasing choices. 


Fashion is not frivolous

The minute we started making fashion silly, and removing importance from the art and armor we wear out into the world we fuled the cutlure of waste. Value your clothing, tailor well made pieces to fit and mend them to last a lifetime. 

Giving Back

All clothing items sold on this site are sourced from Charity Shops across the globe in my travels and brought to you with love and care.